How Do Key Results Help Your FSM Succeed?

Your FSM Needs to Forge a Path Toward Your Objective

Having an objective means taking certain steps toward the hopeful completion of that objective. Key Results are a way to ensure that you are organized on your path toward success (or failure). Once you have solidified what you want your objectives to be, you’ll find that you will be moved toward a series of actions in order to try and make your objective come to fruition. For food service management companies, this might not be that much more different from the norm. Your business is already comprised of a series of actions working toward an end goal, but now these actions will feel more focused and steady. Instead of working just to make sure that your company keeps on chugging along, you will be pointed toward a specific broad concept that is to the betterment of your business. What do you need to build successful key results?

1. Don’t Leave Anything Up to Interpretation

If you start working toward a goal but don’t give yourself boundaries to work within, there’s a good chance you’ll fail. It’s essential that each of your goals have a finite number that you are working toward and/or a timeline in which to complete it. Your FSM is already working to keep your customers on board. If you don’t do your best to work as efficiently as possible, it can affect your bottom line.

2. Quantify Each Success or Failure You Encounter

Even if you believe that you’re not going to meet your goal, your key results should still be easily measured. Don’t allow yourself to get caught in a trap where you have created key results where it’s unclear where exactly it is that you are landing or how far you have to go in order to succeed.

3. Don’t Overshoot (or Undershoot)

If you feel as though your FSM is failing, you shouldn’t set a goal that is unattainable in a desperate attempt to succeed overnight. You’ll only end up hurting yourself. The opposite can also be true. If you feel as though your FSM is coming along just fine but want that extra little bit in order to feel really successful, don’t set a small goal that is easily attainable just to feel successful for a short while.

MyFieldAudits Can Help You Track Your OKRs

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