Are You Successfully Marketing Your Facility?

Marketing Your Business isn’t as Complicated As You Think

The word “marketing” can be intimidating. Many believe that marketing means spending insane amounts of money or dedicating hours upon hours of work for the possibility of an increase in revenue. It doesn’t have to be that way. Marketing your facility doesn’t have to be overly complicated. It doesn’t have to be costly. It doesn’t need to require an excessive amount of effort that will overexert your staff. And it can only help boost the amount of outreach that your facility is establishing, which will lead to positive publicity and an uptick in your business. Here are three important action items you can do to successfully market your business:

1. Interact on Social Media

Social Media has become increasingly prevalent over the last few years and that importance will only increase. A surefire way of making sure that your facility is known and thought about it by creating various social media accounts and interacting online. That could mean posting pictures of your residents engaged in activities, aesthetically pleasing pictures of your lobby and resident rooms, or random facts about your industry you believe will catch an audience’s attention.

2. Engage with Your Surrounding Community

People enjoy being part of a community. If your facility feels like it’s part of the community, the interest in living at your facility will grow. Organize an open house every few months so that interested parties can interact with staff and residents in a casual environment. Maybe community engagement for your facility means putting together a monthly event that benefits the facility and the wider community at the same time, like a charity drive or auction or volunteer readers. Showing that your facility is willing and excited to foster a relationship with the community will garner only positive attention.

3. Create Your Own Content

You are the most reliable expert when it comes to your line of business. Don’t rely simply on positive word of mouth or internet reviews to spread information about your facility. Take matters into your own hands. Start a blog on your website. Cover topics ranging from healthcare to food quality in facilities to fascinating trends about seniors and technology. Spin these topics to show why your facility is the best in dealing with the information you’re sharing. Create a pamphlet and showcase it in your lobby and ask your local library or city hall to display them on their front desk. More information shared can only mean good things for you.

MyFieldAudits Makes Marketing Easy

MyFieldAudits’ standard inspection forms, audits, and checklists ensure you will be able to efficiently and successfully market your facility. With real time access to feedback, you will always know exactly what current and potential residents like and dislike and will be able to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly in order to boost your business. To learn more about MyFieldAudits, contact us today at