Assisted Living Trends that Can Make Your Facility More Popular

Everyone Loves Amenities

It’s human nature to want nice things, to be comfortable. The easiest way for your facility to attract attention is to make it irresistible for the aging population. Potential residents like knowing that their place of residence will be enjoyable. They don’t want to wake up every day and feel as though they are living in a hospital. Here are a few ways to endear potential residents to your facility:

1. A Homey and Hospitable Environment

In the last few years, seniors seem to be more drawn to small facilities. Converted farms, large houses, and other more personal environments seem to be doing better than sprawling hospital-like environments. If you happen to fall into the latter category, you’re still more than capable of gaining residents! The interior of a facility is just as important. Make sure the rooms are well-decorated and feel like an apartment rather than a hospital room. Figure out if you have the resources to become pet-friendly, as so many residents have to give up their pets when they move to a facility. Allowing your residents to keep their pets is a perk that will certainly draw people to your facility. 

2. Continuous Care

Moving is a nightmare. No one enjoys the act of packing up all their belongings and settling everything in a new place. If residents had the option of staying at their current facility as they aged, most would choose to stay. Facilities that cater to several different senior demographics will have the largest amount of success in bringing in new residents. The ability to age through the facility (skilled nursing to independent living to assisted living to nursing home) will be a huge bonus for anyone looking at your facility. It can be the selling point of those looking to live in a facility but have several years until they will be totally dependent on others for care.

3. Social Events

Unfortunately, assisted living can become isolating for the residents. They are in a completely new environment and adjusting to a new situation can be difficult. Family members may be too busy to visit on a frequent basis, leaving your residents with a lot of free time. By creating social spaces or events where your residents can interact with each other and create a sense of community, you are showing you care about mental and emotional well-being along with physical. Potential residents will be drawn to your facility based on the fact that you are doing everything you can to ensure the happiness of your residents and their continued comfort while in your care.

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