Easy Events Your Assisted Living Facility Can Organize to Boost Morale

Social Engagement Leads to a Happier Resident

Isolation can be a dangerous feeling for both the residents and the facility. An isolated resident can lead to emotional and physical decline. If a resident is unhappy in your facility, or their loved ones see that the isolation is detrimental to their health, you’ll find yourself with less residents. It is in your best interest to provide optional activities for your residents to enjoy. Not only will this keep your current residents happy but it can also provide a talking point for potential residents that will get them to choose your facility. Here are a few events that will bring in business without breaking the bank:

1. Movie Nights

Sometimes all it takes to lessen feelings of isolation is being around other people, whether or not you socialize with them. A movie night is the perfect solution to keep everyone entertained while providing a social outlet for your shyer residents.

2. Craft Corners

Talk to your residents. Figure out if there’s a particular craft they’ve wanted to complete. Setting out supplies at a spare table is low effort and provides your residents the opportunity to socialize with people that have a shared interest.

3. Board Game Closet

Do you or your staff have old board games strewn about your homes that you won’t miss? Put aside a shelf or empty closet to fill with games for your residents. They will have a reason to socialize and you won’t need to divert resources to supervising.

4. Planned Picnics or Potlucks

Just like you, your residents may get tired of eating the same foods day in and day out. They may have favorites that they haven’t had a chance to eat in months. Set aside time once a month for the residents to eat something new and socialize outdoors.

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