How OKRs Can Help You Grow Your Assisted Living Facility

OKRs Will Help You Fix Your Small-Scale Problems

A lot of the time, running an assisted living facility can feel like a “one day at a time” venture. It’s a lot of work. Problems crop up at an alarming rate when patient care is a daily part of your business model. When you’re constantly dealing with putting out fires, such as staffing shortages or inspection preparations, setting aside time to brainstorm OKRs seems like an unnecessary hassle. The reality is, creating an objective will make your life easier. Having something to aspire to will give your facility direction and when your facility has direction, you’ll find that a lot of the smaller problems you are facing will be fixed as a byproduct.

Inspire Your Staff to Help Better Your Living Facility

Why are you creating your objective? What kind of plans do you have for your facility? What are you hoping to achieve? When creating OKRs, make sure you’re keeping in mind the importance of the objective you’re setting. Maybe you’ve noticed that your residency numbers are down from last year. Maybe you’ve been trying to bump up your weekend staffing because the lack of support is affecting patient care. While these are definitely aspects of your business to keep in mind, they don’t keep in mind the bigger picture. Things like residency numbers and patient care are details that can be improved along the way toward a larger goal. And in the process, your entire facility operation will be better for it.


When thinking about why you’re creating this specific objective for your facility, factor in everyone else who works at your facility. They are all an integral part of ensuring that your objective eventually comes to fruition. Why is this objective important for everyone in the facility? What about this objective is going to inspire the masses to work hard toward ensuring that it’s met?


Let’s say that your objective is to be a top-rated facility in your state. What about that objective is inspirational to the masses that work with and for you? It could be that the objective inspires different things in different people. Maybe your nursing staff is inspired by the thought that their work will be acknowledged. For your executives, this objective means an influx of business and revenue. It doesn’t matter how it resonates with your staff as long as it does resonate. Asking why this objective is crucial and why it will inspire your staff is the first step. With no inspiration at all, no one will be motivated to take the necessary steps to move toward.

MyFieldAudits Can Help You Track Your OKRs

Creating OKRs is one step in a very important process. MyFieldAudits’ standard forms, audits, and checklists can give you an idea of where you may need to start the process. However, you will also need to measure the success of your Key Results once your OKRs are created. MyFieldAudits provides user-friendly analytics that anyone can use to measure, track, and report on any metric that may be needed. To learn more about MyFieldAudits, contact us at