Organize your FSM Company Using OKRs

Objectives & Key Results Can Improve Your Reputation

Your continued success in the food service industry is substantially reliant upon maintaining and/or bolstering your reputation. Keeping up your reputation is hard work; the foundation of success for food service management (FSM) companies is the customers. Customers (and their continued satisfaction) are a notoriously fickle element in this industry and making sure they stay happy takes a lot of time and planning. Even when you’re always working to ensure your company is successful, taking a moment to brainstorm OKRs will do more for your company than weeks of aimless hard work. OKRs will make everything simpler. If you know which direction you want to take your company and have a clear set of steps to follow, everything else will fall into place. The issues you’ve been wracking your brain to solve and that next mile marker you weren’t quite sure how to reach will be easily fixed as byproduct in your bigger picture.

Your FSM Needs Direction In Order to Thrive

Food Service Management companies need to be organized in order to succeed. FSMs rely on a strong level of efficiency because of all the different moving parts that go into running them efficiently. With this in mind, make sure you know exactly what it is you are trying to build and fighting to create.


Why are you making this specific objective? How does the objective you created keep in line with what you picture for your FSM? Are you trying to maintain the level of success you currently have? Are you trying to branch in a new market in order to increase your revenue? No matter what your end result is, you need to make sure you have a clear direction in order to get there and a clear support system on your way to that result.


What does a clear support system entail? Let’s say that your objective for the year is to break into the university cafeteria market, after spending the last x many years working solely with small restaurants. In order to meet an objective of this caliber, that might mean putting together a whole new marketing strategy, doing research about the university market, bringing on new staff, etc. You need to make sure that your employees are on the same page as you and are as invested in the company’s objectives as you are. If the objective seems important to your employees and they’re just as excited about the new direction, it will be much easier to motivate everyone toward a successfully completed objective.

MyFieldAudits Can Help You Track Your OKRs

Creating OKRs is one step in a very important process. MyFieldAudits’ standard forms, audits, and checklists can give you an idea of where you may need to start the process. However, you will also need to measure the success of your Key Results once your OKRs are created. MyFieldAudits provides user-friendly analytics that anyone can use to measure, track, and report on any metric that may be needed. To learn more about MyFieldAudits, contact us at