Think About the Key Results Your Facility Needs to Meet

Key Results are the Backbone of Any Good Objective

Running an assisted living facility is already a very action-oriented endeavor. Once you have created your objectives, you’ll find yourself in a position where you might be performing new and different actions on a more frequent basis in order to try and meet your objectives. Rather than think of your Key Results as a checklist to work your way through, think of them as several smaller objectives that need to be met before your final objective has the chance to succeed. Your objectives are the structure you are building, with a key results foundation. Without a strong foundation, your objective will fail before it even has a chance to succeed. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when building your key results:

1. Do your key results have set boundaries?

You should never leave the completion of your key results up to chance. Don’t leave the details vague in hopes that it will make them easier to reach. You should know exactly what it is that your facility is trying to accomplish and exactly how long you are giving your facility to get to that result. To do otherwise will create chaos in an already hectic environment.

2. Are your key results challenging without being impossible?

Your facility thrives on action. That’s how you are able to keep your business running. If you set key results that are too easily attainable, you’re essentially ensuring you won’t succeed in your objective. If you set results that are too difficult for your facility to meet, you run the risk of demotivating your staff since they’ll believe nothing they work toward makes much of a difference.

3. Can you measure and verify your result outcomes?

Your results should be easily measured and verified. What does that mean? The results your facility is moving toward should be based in the concrete. For example, the objective of “being a top-rated facility in your state” should have a key result that lends a quantifiable number that shows your facility is moving toward the objective set forth, such as getting x amount of 4 or 5 star reviews on yelp within x many months.

MyFieldAudits Can Help Your Facility Track and Create OKRs

Creating OKRs is one step in a very important process. MyFieldAudits’ standard forms, audits, and checklists can give you an idea of where your facility may need to start the process. However, you will also need to measure the success of your facility’s Key Results once your OKRs are created. MyFieldAudits provides user-friendly analytics that anyone (staff and executives alike) can use to measure, track, and report on any metric that may be needed. To learn more about MyFieldAudits, contact us at