3 Easy Things Your Assisted Living Facility Can Do to Pass Inspection

Are You Ready for Inspection?

It takes hard work to keep an assisted living facility up and running. It’s easy to let the small tasks fall through the cracks, especially when you aren’t due for an inspection anytime soon. Violations that happen in an assisted living facility are, by nature of dealing with human beings, more serious and therefore taken more seriously by those who provide oversight. Most violations stem from one of three broader concepts, each easily adjusted to help your facility pass inspection:

1. Organize

Your facility is made up of dozens of moving parts working in tandem to create a smoothly running operation. If one part stops working, every other facet of the facility suffers. Expired medication, ignored resident routines, or uneducated staff can all lead to large scale violations down the line. Ensuring that your facility is always aware of what is currently happening in your facility, what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by will go miles in keeping your facility up to standard.

2. Empathize

Your staff are dedicated to the continuing success of your facility. They depend on its existence as much as you do. And yet, it’s exceedingly common for staff to come in to work while ill. This could be due to a number of factors. Maybe your staff can’t afford to call in sick, maybe they’re afraid of what will happen to their job if they do. In any case, it is your responsibility to ensure the continued health and safety of your residents in order to prevent serious problems down the line, for both the residents and your facility. That means ensuring staff members do not work while ill and understanding why they may not be able to attend their shift every so often.

3. Strategize

Is every member of your staff used to the best of their ability during their shift? The most prevalent problem in assisted living facilities is the staff to resident ratio. Take a look at your staff numbers and their various roles at any given time during the day. Make sure each person is crucial during that shift. If not, move staff to the weekend and night shifts where they are most definitely needed. Give your residents as much support as you can afford during each shift. Without it, you might find the lack of staffing creates large scale neglect that will be hard to adjust down the line.

MyFieldAudits Will Keep You Ready for Inspection

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