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Infection Prevention and COVID Compliance Resources

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Shut-downs. New Regulations. Timid Clients. Reopenings… it’s a stressful time to be in business. On top of delivering quality, companies everywhere have been tasked with a huge responsibility – safeguarding their guests and employees from Covid-19. MyFieldAudits gives you the tools and expertise to ensure you’re providing a clean, enjoyable environment that exceeds industry standards so you can get back to business.

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Whether you need help reopening or staying safe while open, we have a wealth of resources and industry expertise to help you implement an effective, efficient audit strategy that protects your guests, clients, team, and bottom line.


Ready to Reopen?

Food Service

  • FDA Reopening checks
  • Sanitation Self-Audits
  • Compliance Quick Checks

Senior Living

  • Infection Control Audits
  • Clinical Mock Surveys
  • Most CMS Regulatory Requirements

Office & Facility Management

  • Return-To-Work Programs
  • EVS Compliance
  • Sanitation Reviews
  • HVAC & Filtration Inspections

Fitness Facilities

  • Equipment Inspection
  • Cleaning Walkthroughs
  • Regulatory Compliance Checks

YOUR Forms & Checks

No matter the industry, we can help you implement checks and inspections that ensure your delivering quality, safely


See how we’ve helped thousands stay safe while delivering quality