Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Once Upon A Time...
Southern Proper

Southern Proper + MyFieldAudits

Excellent food and unforgettable experiences are the top priorities across Southern Proper’s 23 diverse dining locations. Learn how they’ve used MyFieldAudits to uphold world-class standards and coach onsite teams.

GA Foods

GA Foods + MyFieldAudits

See how GA Foods leveraged the MyFieldAudits platform to deliver thousands of meals to at risk populations while ensuring food safety, compliance and integrity.

DayOne Hospitality

DayOne Hospitality Consulting + MyFieldAudits

Armed with experience and a vision for the food service consulting landscape, DayOne Hospitality partnered with MyFieldAudits to bring enterprise level technology to an independent consulting firm and turn the standard business model on it’s head.

Bridge Senior Living

Bridge Senior Living

At a time when our most vulnerable population has become the most inaccessible, the team at Bridge Senior Living has used the MyFieldAudits Virtual Inspection platform to keep their residents and team safe.

Optimal RDN Solutions

Optimal RDN Solutions + MyFieldAudits

When it came to ensuring their patients and partners are receiving the best dietetic consulting services, MyFieldAudits gave Optimal RDN Solutions an easy way to track performance across a growing portfolio of facilities and coach their team in the process.