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Armed with experience and a vision for the food service consulting landscape, DayOne Hospitality partnered with MyFieldAudits to bring enterprise level technology to an independent consulting firm and turn the standard business model on it’s head.
DayOne Hospitality Consulting is the brainchild of nationally recognized hospitality executive, Russ Benson. For the last 25 years, Russ has been in non-commercial on-site foodservice where, for 10 years, he was a senior member of the MBNA America client liaison team managing a $40M dining & hospitality workplace amenity program. From there, Russ was a senior executive with a Chicago based food service management company where he partnered with dozens of Fortune 200 companies. Russ has been an industry leading consultant for the past 8 years.
DayOne Hospitality
“The end goal for everyone is to ensure the customer is getting the value – this tool helps define and validate that.”

Russ Benson, Founder & CEO
DayOne Hospitality Consulting

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Project Overview

DayOne Hospitality Consulting’s primary focus is always driving value for their clients by excelling the performance of their food service operators. When asking his clients how they’re measuring their operators performance, the frequent answer is “We’re not….”. In order to do this, Russ wanted to provide his clients with a solution that enabled them to define end goals in these relationships, validate progress towards them and give them clear visibility into performance. After exploring other solutions on the market, MyFieldAudits stood out as having both the technology and expertise to craft a world-class QA program that incorporated stakeholders from the client, operator and DayOne Consulting. According to Russ, “The end goal for everyone is to ensure the customer is getting the value – this tool helps define and validate that.”

The goal was simple: develop a program that provides clear visibility into operator performance and ensures vendor contract compliance. Russ knew from experience that an effective solution needed to incorporate ongoing input from DayOne, their client AND their client’s food service operator – as well as a way to synthesize all that information in one place. Together with MyFieldAudits, they created a layered inspection program that involves regular onsite checks and frequent remote inspections performed by DayOne, ongoing QA and sanitation audits performed by the operator and mini-pulse audits performed by the client. This approach empowered all parties to document ongoing performance and create a truly accurate narrative of the relationship.

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The first step was to create critical inspection forms based on DayOne’s industry expertise and client-specific KPIs. These forms covered everything from Food Safety and Sanitation to Customer Satisfaction and Financial Outcomes. MyFieldAudits was able to rapidly digitize these into a master account for Russ that can be easily duplicated and modified for individual clients. Next, these forms were broken down into ongoing QA checks to be completed by the operator and mini “Pulse Checks” that gave clients a powerful, time-efficient tool to measure ongoing progress. Training materials and sessions were held to teach the client how to use the tool and to set expectations for program outcomes.


For Russ’s clients – the outcomes were immediate. Previously, issues were anecdotal and communicated through word of mouth. Now, vivid, digital, photographic reports provided objective proof of areas that need improvement. Safety and Food Sanitation Audits performed by the operator were no longer assumed to be taking place; DayOne Hospitality Consulting could accurately track and monitor for compliance and alert their clients when gaps were spotted. The ability to complete their own Pulse Audits gave clients the tool and guidance needed to help monitor day-to-day service.

For his clients’ operators, there was initial hesitation that a program as such would promote a “Gotch’ya” environment that focuses solely on the wrong. In reality, the program has done the opposite. Operators now have a tool to accurately self-monitor and correct things before they ever become issues AND provide tangible evidence that they’re meeting or exceeding contractual KPIs. At the end of the day, the goal is to enhance the partnership between client and operator by focusing on mutual outcomes..

For DayOne Hospitality Consulting, the innovative QA approach developed with MyFieldAudits has truly elevated their business. “MyFieldAudits has given us a tool to help manage the partnership between our firm and clients” according to Russ. For their existing clients, it brought an effective, modern approach to how they share inspection outcomes and ongoing performance. MyFieldAudits has given them a competitive edge when trying to win new business.

Russ Benson, Founder & CEO
DayOne Hospitality Consulting

MyFieldAudits has given us a tool to help manage the partnership between our firm and clients

Russ Benson, Founder & CEO
DayOne Hospitality Consulting

Furthermore, being able to implement full software solutions and perform remote inspections for their clients has created a new revenue stream for them – expanding past onsite inspections into full-service QA Program implementation, monitoring and coaching that generates monthly recurring revenue. Currently, MyFieldAudits and DayOne Hospitality Consulting are collaborating to further develop this model with a strong focus on virtual inspections to bring new value to the industry, other consultants and their clients.