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MyFieldAudits & Southern Proper Hospitality Group: Serving up excellence in Dining, Safety and Sanitation

Southern Proper Hospitality is a group of passionate restauranteurs who will stop at nothing to create unforgettable guest experiences. Their mission is to shape the cultural fabric of Atlanta and beyond. With 23 restaurants locations across the South Eastern United States, ensuring industry leading food quality and dining experience is integral to their success.

Souther Proper

“Our old inspection process left us without means of following up on issues and with nothing but a piece of paper to hand over to onsite managers. Now, we can assign photo-documented issues to our team and approve corrections before closing”

Brian Stanley
Area Director at Southern Proper


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Project Overview

Things move quickly in the food service industry and one poor experience can create a ripple effect of lost business. A typical Restaurant Inspection can consist of 200+ Inspection Points with dozens of minor or major issues to follow-up on. With their portfolio quickly growing, Southern Proper needed a way to provide clear guidance and oversight to their restaurant operation teams in a way that prompted REAL action and made it easy to track issues and results. Having worked with MyFieldAudits previously, their VP of Operations reached out knowing MyFieldAudits had the tools, speed and support they needed to implement an effective inspection solution. The goal was simple – provide the regional team a seamless way to conduct and manage detailed inspections across their restaurants and ensure onsite teams are serving unforgettable experiences.


After identifying MyFieldAudits as a solution, Southern Proper was assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager that helps set project goals, manage materials, provide best practices and train their team. Together, they rapidly organized and digitized critical standards ranging from Dining Experience to Sanitation into an easy to use digital inspection. For the initial phase, audits were to be conducted by the regional team with prompt issue follow-up and resolution expected from the onsite staff.

In less than two weeks from project launch, MyFieldAudits and Southern Proper were able to organize and finalize their inspection form, configure their entire account, schedule and train 50+ users and start delivering immediate value to their operations and guests.


On the very first inspection, over a dozen items were captured that needed attention, ranging from experiential items like light bulbs to items that could become critical if left unchecked. Photo documentation made it clear when assigning issues what, where and when things needed to be corrected. The Regional Manager was able to track each issue and approve corrections posted by the onsite team. This process was repeated across all 23 of their restaurants, unveiling a wealth of opportunities to improve their diners’ experience and ensure critical guidelines were being upheld.

This led to further development of the platform – introducing a Learning and Development Inspection delegated to onsite teams to provide a clear road map to operational excellence. This put ownership of the process directly into the hands of those who are there the most. According to their Area Director, Brian Stanley “After launching the program we quickly realized MyFieldAudits is much more than a compliance tool. We immediately began to realize how effective of a training, developing and mentoring process it is with built in accountability. We have been able to build and implement many more best practices and standards due to the effectiveness of the application.”

“…We immediately began to realize how effective of a training, developing and mentoring process it is with built in accountability….”

Brian Stanley, Area Director at Southern Proper

2 years later, Southern Proper has conducted over 250 inspections across their portfolio. This data has not only helped ensure each restaurant is operating at the highest standards, but has also provided a window into common opportunities across the company that were previously left disconnected. As Health and Safety have moved into the forefront of many diners’ minds, Southern Proper continues to use MyFieldAudits to uphold world-class standards while serving unforgettable dining experiences.