Do Your Residents Feel Safe In Your Facility?

Dissatisfied Residents Can Decrease Your Business Revenue

No one enjoys feeling unsafe in their own home. The assisted living facility may be your place of business, but it’s also home to dozens of seniors. Those seniors deserve to feel as though they are in an atmosphere where their well-being isn’t at stake. Safety can mean a variety of things for your residents and it’s your job to make sure they feel well-taken care of at all times. Not paying attention to the needs of your residents could mean losing both current and potential residents as your reputation plummets. Here are some safety concepts worth noting in order to keep and/or increase your revenue:

1. Label All Hazards and Inconveniences

The simplest way of ensuring your residents feel safe is to make sure you’re always on top of anything that could physically harm them. If you’re unable to fix the issue right away, at least make sure that your residents are properly notified of the issue that could cause them harm. This could be a wet floor, a cracked tile, a wire in a walking area, etc. Your facility doesn’t always have to be perfect. If your residents know that you are making the effort to keep them in the loop and away from danger, you will forge a trusting relationship.

2. Properly Train Your Staff

If your staff isn’t careful, their interactions with residents can lead to an emotionally and physically unsafe environment. Not only do they have to make sure they are always up to date on the residents’ health issues and regimens so that nothing impacts the residents’ health, but they should also take care in the way they treat your residents. Your staff is very busy and they work very hard. That level of stress can sometimes shine through in their interactions with the residents. Make sure your staff never seems impatient or apathetic toward the residents under their care. An experience like that can color a resident’s entire outlook on the facility and their level of care.

3. Put Together Requirements and Expectations of Your Facility

Like any communal living facility, tension can rise between residents. It’s your responsibility to ensure that interactions such as these never escalate. Putting together a list or pamphlet of expectations within your facility will go a long way toward ensuring that your facility is always considered a safe space for all your residents and keeping your reputation in pristine condition.

MyFieldAudits Can Organize Your Resident Safety

Our standard forms, audits, and checklists will keep you organized. With the ability to share the forms with your staff, you can make sure that everything in your facility is up to the highest safety standards. Real-time access to all your forms will keep you in the loop on any issues that arise and give you time to notify the residents or fix the issue all together. To learn more about MyFieldAudits, contact us today at