How to Keep Your Assisted Living Staff from Becoming Overwhelmed

Nights and Weekends Aren’t Always Fun

Assisted Living Facilities are notorious for never quite having the staff they need to comfortably look after their residents. On the best of days, this leads to your staff feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and frustrated by their list of duties. This becomes even more prevalent during night shifts and weekends, when facilities usually work with a smaller staff. The smaller staff is supposed to match up with a smaller amount of work but as we all know, things don’t always go according to plan. There are ways to help ease the way for your staff if their workload becomes difficult to manage:

1. Create a Schedule

If your staff knows exactly where they should be going all the time, it will lead to less headaches in the long run. There shouldn’t be scrambling to figure out who needs to be checked on, or which resident needs to be where. Instead, your staff will have a pattern to follow to keep their duties in order.

2. Know Where Everything Is

Maintaining the workflow of an assisted living facility can be complicated. If something emergent were to happen, your staff should be able to respond in an efficient and appropriate manner. Keeping charts in their proper spaces and ensuring that all medications are labeled properly—something seemingly insignificant—will go a long way in keeping your staff from tearing their hair out.

3. Listen When They Ask for Help or Have Suggestions

You care about the continued success about your facility and you work hard every day to make sure it thrives, but your staff are the ones who are down in the trenches. They know the ins and outs of your facility and where things tend to fall apart. If they request something that could improve the quality of your facility’s operations or have questions about a current process, do what you can to be there for them. See if there’s anything you can move around. Your staff has valuable insight that can only make your facility stronger.

MyFieldAudits Creates a Happy Staff

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