The #1 Factor a Potential Resident Keeps in Mind When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Residents are People Just Like Everyone Else

We all rely on first impressions to shape any and every opinion we have. This is no different for residents when they begin the process of choosing an assisted living facility. How you present your facility upon a potential resident’s first steps inside will color the rest of their visit. Think about what it is that your facility is presenting when introducing potential residents to your various amenities. What are potential residents seeing when they first step into the lobby? Are your staff inviting? Is the space itself clean and homey? Do your residents look well-taken care of and seem to be enjoying themselves? These are all questions that should already run through your mind. These are questions that should already have implemented solutions. Your facility’s first impression is the foundation on which the rest of a potential resident’s visit relies upon.

Is Your Facility Encouraging Residential Independence?

What a potential resident sees upon first walking into your facility is very telling of how you treat your residents. A potential resident’s decision to live in an assisted living facility is not one they have come to lightly. An assisted living facility is meant to support residents who can no longer live on their own but still want most of the independence that comes from living on their own. The residents do not want to feel as though they are completely incapable of taking care of themselves. Residents need to be sure their independence won’t be taken away from them. If your facility seems heavy handed in caring for their residents, especially when your facility is geared toward mostly self-sufficient people, then you will lose a large portion of business. Assisted living facilities can already be a struggle for a lot of residents to adjust to. In order to maintain or boost your level of business, it is your job to ensure your residents are safe while providing the autonomy they require in order to say happy in your facility.

MyFieldAudits Will Guarantee Happy Residents

MyFieldAudits’ standard inspection forms, audits, and checklists ensure you will have access to the everything you need to bring your facility above and beyond the standards potential residents expect upon first walk through. With real time access to feedback and forms, you will always know exactly what your residents like and dislike and will be able to make the necessary adjustments in order to retain your business. To learn more about MyFieldAudits, contact us today at